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Surgical Procedures

We offer a full range of surgical procedures including those most commonly performed such as spays, neuters, dental procedures, cat declawing and mass removals. We understand that your pet is part of the family and that surgical procedures can be scary for both of you. Because of this, we take every precaution to ensure a positive outcome and keep you informed throughout the process.


Boarding & Kennel Service

Board your furry friend with the people you know and trust. We offer a quality boarding and kennel service for your pet.



An ultrasound (also called a sonogram) is a non-invasive procedure used to evaluate the internal organs such as the abdominal organs, heart, eyes and reproductive organs. For many abdominal disorders, both ultrasound and X-rays are recommended for optimal evaluation. Pocomoke Animal Hospital can provide in-house ultrasound services with a certified ultrasonagrapher for your pet.

Wellness Exam

Pets that feel well make better pets. We can provide an annual wellness exam, check and update your pet's vaccines and perform blood testing in-house to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Dr. Rayne

In-House X-Ray

X-ray or radiographic imaging is an important diagnostic tool commonly used to identify the area and extent


of a bone break, to determine the stage of pregnancy (and number of young), to identify potential stomach problems and obstructions, and to find and identify tumors. Pocomoke Animal Hospital is equipped with in-house X-ray services to help when your pet has a problem.


In-House Pharmacy

We have a fully stocked in-house pharmacy for your convenience. You can also use our online prescription re-order service.


Online Prescription & Supply Re-Order

Use our Online Pharmacy button at the

top of this page to quickly re-order your pet medications through Pocomoke Animal Hospital. We will expedite

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Dr. Rayne performs a well check.

X-ray of a pregnant turtle.

shipping of your purchased products to your home.

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